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The Viper

The Viper - Kele Moon It's challenging with an anti-hero to make him credibly bad then redeem him enough to believe he's good.
It was well done here. I loved this bad boy and empathized with his self-loathing and the turmoil in his head. Loved the Spanish sexy talk and the integration of the whole gang from Garnet and that Marcos remained sort of "bad," even in the end.

Sometimes I felt as if I was being spoken to, instead of experiencing it and certain parts could have been bigger, deeper, hotter, tighter. (The writing, not the sex.) Katie could have had more depth and the Spanish could have been toned down. I wanted to feel more intense and close-up, in-the-moment, visceral action. I wanted more of the MCs together and less bromance.

That said, I loved the situations; the accident, craigslist, the punch to the ex, the confrontation with Angel, the new apartment surprise, the first day of school. All yummy.

It very much felt like I was supposed to love Chu as much, if not more than, Marcos and this was just Chu's prologue. Fine. I did! Chu is 10 times more badass and fucked up than Marcos and the storyline with his gringa is going to be hot!

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