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Into the Wastelands

Into the Wastelands - Gwynn Marssen Dolen was left to die naked in the desert, but was rescued by the hot tattooed crazy Keric. The story has a Captive Prince feel with very likable and complex characters, great world building and lots of action.

Keric captivated me. I felt compassion for him being rejected by his own mother and the way his gifts felt like a curse to him. And even though we are in his head, I still found him sexy, when he put his feet up on the table and laughed or stripped off his clothes and washed down in the shower.

And Dolen was both fierce and gentle.

"I will not allow him to be harmed because you don’t like the people he was born to!” What exactly Dolen thought he was going to do about it was unclear, but his defense warmed me.

I empathized with Dolen's struggle against wanting a man despite his cultural traditions against it. He was sort of a naive fish out of water, taking in all that was Keric's dark skin and glowing tattoos and openly gay free spirit.

I liked the way they came together in this barren nothingness and had lots of hot sex away from the pressures of their respective societies.

And Bane, the small but mighty pony, is the quiet unsung hero of this story.

Then we’ll move on. You can show me that ocean of yours. Somewhere between here and there, someone will accept us.

Full disclosure; The author is my friend and I gave some input on this story. That said, my review is my totally honest fan-girl reaction as a reader.