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rock - Anyta Sunday "Jace?"
"Yeah?" he says breathily.
"Swap cocks?"
I let mine go and grab his.
love is love http://vimeo.com/32852590

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He balls up his fist and presses it into my open palm.
“I’ll be your rock. Do you think you can handle that today?"


rock (lowercase r) rocked my world. I usually avoid 5-star thru-the-ringer ugly-cry stuff like this. But I could not not read this. If I'm captivated by the blurb and cover, I'm usually not disappointed. Definitely not disappointed.

This is the story of how I fall in love.
This is the story of how my home breaks and is rebuilt.
This is the story of how I became a rock.

Why? Why is this so good? I think it's because it has everything I love in a book:
-it's all show, not tell (a subtext bonanza)
-the word choices are poetic and paint images and make you feel...everything
-the minimalism makes each word so important
-the setting (Kiwi with Aussie references) I only wish I could hear their accents!
-the continuity and taboo are off the charts
-the song. the song! God! the song. sigh.

If anything is wrong with this book, it has too much of these things!
Too vague, too many metaphors, too many pivotal moments, no time to breathe...

But I just really don't care!

About the young adult aspect,
They are 16 and 17 until 60%.
They turn 19 and 20 at 69%.
Then 20 and 21 at 77%.
Their thoughts are adult from the beginning.
There's no penetration until 82% but there's a bit of excellent frotting to tide you over. lol

weta: a brown, wingless insect with spiny legs, related to a grasshopper
no no no no no

Coupla things I didn't get?
-what was the story with the parents arrangement and why was it 5 years?
-what was the getting him back for taking his sleep thing?
-no one at school thought it was weird two boys dancing and crying during a fast song? no one saw them at the wedding?
-the passage of time was very hard to decipher at times
-what the heck was Jace thinking? Totally need Jace's POV! I think Coop let his stupidity off the hook way too easy. That boy should pay! lol
-did Jace really have a girlfriend? Did Samuel know about Cooper?
-what happened with Zach, did Cooper tell him everything?
-what did he write in his thesis dedication?
-what song did Jace play at the funeral for his mom?

Free to borrow with Prime or KU (brilliant move by AS and her team).

And... plenty of room for a sequel for Zach!

And here's a link to my very naughty twins https://www.facebook.com/pages/Patriota-Twins-Marcio-and-Marcos/335107373170225

Do not pass on this one! Whatever you think you won't like, ignore it. It's so worth the chance!