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Brothers LaFon, Part One: Crucial Lessons

Brothers LaFon, Part One: Crucial Lessons - Joseph Lance Tonlet It’d been the first crack that had actually split his younger brother’s skin, and Miah frequently returned to the fledgling laceration with near hallowed reminiscence.

There are no words to describe the fierce protectiveness a mother feels for her sons' penis. We apply petroleum jelly to their circumcision wound with as much care as we would the Mona Lisa. We spend our lives making sure he's careful and covered and comfortable.
This book takes those feelings and slashes them with rusty razor blades.
Brothers La Fon will make you question everything you thought you knew about your comfort zone, your kinks, your limits.
It's a twisted and sick mindfuck and you'll love every freakin' minute of it.
You may even find yourself with a crush on a psychopath.
And when Alex whispered, "Miah," in that familiar, needy tone that conveyed his arousal, it struck something deep within Miah. God he missed this. Missed his little brother panting his name, missed feeling the sense of complete ownership, and missed being able to fulfill the most basic and primal of desires; having his cock buried deep inside of his brother.

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